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Bass Player / Songwriter / Producer

Bass1Willy Dubb aka Tuff-Tone, Tuffy

Tuff Tone Unlimited

Willy Dubb was born in Hartford, CT. Growing up in a musical family, Willy was constantly exposed to a myriad of musical styles. His parents noticed that he possessed a talent for music and they supplied instruments for the young man to develop his skills in that craft. Coming up in the inner city, Willy taught himself to play drums, bass, keyboards and guitar. He then began to play in groups, showing uncanny prowess. In no time he began playing in the most of the top entertainment establishments in New England.

Willy Dubb is currently fronting his own band, The Tuff-Tones, was well as being a member of New England's #1 reggae band, Crucial Massive. Being an African American performing reggae, Mr. Dubb injects a certain flavor in this music, which he calls "Reggae Pop." Willy has always played with the top talent in the Hartford area.

As a producer, Mr. Dubb has produced his own CD single called "Nita" singing all vocals and playing all of the instruments. As an entertainer he has performed his solo act in the hotel circuit and in outdoor concert venues for radio stations. Willy Dubb has recorded with MCK records.

As of 2000, Mr. Dubb has concentrated on writing music and recording and producing singers and rappers. Tuff-Tone is the executive producer on the rap CD titled "Hartless City All Starz." The CD features several rappers and singers including Mr. Dubb himself rapping an intro on one of the tracks. As Tuff-Tone he now records demos for artists. Although Tuff-Tone is involved with writing, recording demos, and producing other artists, Willy Dubb is still an active member of New England's top reggae band, Crucial Massive and they reherse at his studio "Tuff-Tone Unlimited".Bass2



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