Keyboards / Producer / Songwriter

Though Ron is the quiet one in the group, his powerful expressions are heard in his production abilities. Crucial Massive’s CDs shows his wonderful arranging talent.

Ron’s mother sent him to guitar lessons in the 1980’s. After he gained a certain level of skill, he began playing in church. He appetite for music grew because he chose to learn how to play saxophone and drums, and then joined a marching band.

He eventually added bass to his long list of instrumentation skills and joined a reggae band and backed various artists in Jamaica.

When he came to the states, he met a friend that played in a reggae band. Because of his great love of music, he began hanging around the band and eventually started playing keyboards for them. A few years later he was to meet the MassiV. The band Crucial needed a keyboard player and Ron was the one. MassiV noticed he had talent for arranging music so Ron was asked to do some production work on the group’s two CDs.

Ron is predominantly a reggae player but has done some R&B production in the past. He loves to arrange and produce music. He is the quiet storm in Crucial Massive. Produceronic is his nickname and producing great music is his game.