About Us

Crucial Massive is the hottest and the most excellent crowd pleasing reggae band in Hartford and throughout New England. Since the early 1990’s this band has been pervading the cultural side of reggae music throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. With the synthesis of conscious lyrics and a quality sounds this reggae band strive to address the crucial and massive dubiety of Love , Life, and Reality.

Crucial Massive has opened for:
Yellow man, Toots and the Metals, Rita Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Jimmy Buffett ,Third World, Culture, Marcial Montano, Crossfire, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, and Busta Rhymes . Crucial Massive has also backed up singers such as Pinchers, Baby Sham, Waynie Wonder, Sugar Minott, Delroy Wilson, Al Campbell and Tony Tuff.

Currently the group comprises of: M. Reid (Lead vocals & procussions), W. Fisher (Guitars), E. Jenkins (Lead & backup vocals), M. Osbourne (Drums & procussions), N. Crosdale (Keyboards), and K. Smith (Bass Guitars)… Subs: D. Ranglin (Drums).

Passed Members: W. Smith (Passed Executive Production Manager & Bass), D. Burchell (Keyboards), Willy Dubb (Bass Player / Songwriter / Producer) and Dave Smith (Bass Player / Songwriter / Producer).

Founding Members: E. Mckinley (Drums), D. Simpson (Bass), W. Fisher (Guitars), C. Woodam (Keyboards), B. Akins (Keyboards) and M. Reid (Lead vocals).

Cucial Massive succeeded in releasing their first full playing, 9 track CD “REALITY MUSIC" in May 1997. Their second full playing, 12 track CD “VICTORY" in January 2003. “Desperation" and “Baby Oil" in 2006 and “Higher Loving" in 2007 .

They have 3 more albums on hold to be released in the near future.

For more information, booking and monthly schedule please call 860.250.0894 or 860.916.4828